Home Made Dehydrated Dog Snack

We all know that most of the delicious, dainty, tasty foods are not healthy at all. No matter we are consulting a dietician, reading from books, or browsing on the Internet; perhaps we’ll get the same answer. How about our lovely companion doggie? Most of the promotional slogans on packing paper always paraded as natural, healthy, and beneficial for dogs. Do you ever feel difficult to make decision when facing various choices of dog snacks in a goods shelf?

  I always get in touch with dog snacks when I was training dogs at clients’ home. It’s easy to found dog snacks with too rich flavor, from unknown place of origin, or without ingredients list. As a dog lover, we would like to see our beloved doggie grows up healthily and happily. Thus and so, I’ll only recommend the pure natural dog snack without antiseptic, monosodium glutamate, or synthesis pigment.
After nearly a half-year preparation, we’re glad to launch our “Home Made Dehydrated Dog Snack” series in the spring of 2010, providing a healthy selection on dog snack for dog lovers as you!
Characteristic of our product
  •  We pick wide range of meats to produce the snakes; some of them are rarely sold in the pet shop. Give more choices to dog owner.

  • Using a professional food dehydrator from USA, to keep the nutrition inside the food after dehydration.
  • Using raw and natural material. Without antiseptic, monosodium glutamate, or synthesis pigment.
  • Made-to-Order and never stock up, to make sure the food in a good condition.
  • Using vacuum treatment for packaging to ensure the hygiene of food.
  • Since there are no antiseptic inside the food, please store it properly and finish it in the short run after unfold.
  • Please consider if your doggie has allergy to some kind of food before purchase.
  • If allergy happens after taken the food, please stop the feed immediately and consult your veterinarian.
  • Enough is enough. Please do not over feed your dog although he may like the snacks so much.
  • Pictures are for reference only.

1.1 Dehydrated Salmon

Price: $140 (Regular, ~140g)
Origin: Norway
Brief introduction: Omega-3 mainly comes from marine life; it cannot be stored in the body for spare use. Unfortunately, most of the dog foods do not contain marine life as ingredients; we only can lean on supplement in this sector.

1.2 Dehydrated Ostrich Breast

Price: $130 (Regular, ~105g)
Origin: South Africa
Brief introduction:

Ostrich breast contains low cholesterol and low fat; perhaps it is the healthiest red-meat.


1.3 Dehydrated Beef Top Round Tendon

Price: $90 (Regular, ~120g)
Origin: United States
Brief introduction:

Beef Top Round Tendon contains low cholesterol and low fat, it's suitable for doggies on diet.





1.4 Dehydrated Duck Breast

Price: $160 (~200g)
Origin: Taiwan
Brief introduction:

Duck breast contains a lot of Iron and Vitamin C. It is suitable for some dogs with susceptible skin or gastrointestinal tract.


1.5 Dehydrated Lamb

Price: $140 (~130g)
Origin: New Zealand
Brief introduction:

Lamb contains a lot of Zinc and Protein, it's good for the health of doggie's hair.


1.6 Dehydrated Pangasius

Price: $110 (Regular, ~120g)
Origin: New Zealand
Brief introduction:

Dehydrated Pangasius is very good for chewing, just like chewing bone.

2. Training Tools

2.1 Leather Leash

Price: $190 (4" x 1/2') / $220 (4" x 3/4')
Origin: United Status
Brief introduction:

Hand-braided using fine, burgundy latigo leather. Chrome-plated, steel bolt snaps standard.

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