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    'Eliminate the bad behaviors bother about'

    'Behavior Modification' focuses on how to think like a dog, to understand their behavior, and act accordingly such as change some of your habit to modify doggies' bad behavior. We will learn how to think like a dog, understand their mother nature and mindset in 'Behavior Modification' lessons. And tailor-made a customize method to correct the bad behaviors.


    But are you sure whether he is obviating the possibility of the behavior problems there under?

    1. Jump on people
    2. Fearful
    3. Pulling
    4. Food or object guarding
    5. Separation anxious
    6. Barking casually
    7. People or dog aggressive
    8. Pee & poo anywhere
    9. House breaking
    10. Resistance to take a shower
    11. Internal Dog Fight
    Course Detail:
    • In-home private training
    • 2 lessons in total. Around 1.5 - 3 hours per lesson
    • Charge: HK$2,700 (One Dog) / $2,900 (2 - 3 Dogs) / 4 Dogs or more may considered separately
    • Macau area: Plus ferry fee
      ShenZhen area: HK$3,500 or up plus transportation fee
      Guangzhou area: HK$3,800 or up plus transportation fee
    • Extra lesson fee $600, around 1 hour per lesson

    2 Lessons Arrangement:
    The period of 1st – 2nd lesson is critical; you will find the change and improvement of your dog in this period. Of course, you cannot be slack because of the improvement. Please remember that behavior training is a long-term task for us and our dog.

    Lesson 1 -- Dog training theory and technique will be presented in first lesson, and it is the longest lesson in the module (~3 hours). This lesson includes: How dogs think, Principle & technique of behavior training, Emotional status, Clicker training, Social Walk (No pulling).

    Lesson 2 -- Follow up and fine-tune the skills you’ve learnt in first lesson are the objective of second lesson. It will be focus on the inadequate of the training; find them out and patch them. I will suggest starting the training for some serious problem in lesson 2; it’s a better approach to have a more stable situation before dealing with a serious dog.

    Interval between 1st & 2nd should be within 6-12 weeks


    Terms and Conditions

    Please read & sign the ‘Terms & Conditions’, and give to the trainer in first lesson. Thank you.

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