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    I seldom contacted with dogs when I was small. One day, I visited a friend in his home when I was in primary four. His German Shepherd rush to me directly after my friend dropped the leash accidentally. I was scared at first because he is a 90 lbs big boy. But the dog was very friendly, and licking my face constantly.

    And I took a dog trainer course in New York later. American treats dog very cordiality, they pay out to dog a lot, even more they have special police force to protect animal rights. I hope I can bring their attitudes and professional knowledge to Hong Kong. To turn your dog to become a good family member, allow you to enjoy petting a dog, and lessen the abandoned cases cause by behavior problem.

    1. Certified Dog Trainer, USA 2008 -
    2. Evaluator, Canine Good CitizenĀ® Program of American Kennel Club, USA 2008 - 2010
    3. Member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers. USA 2008 -
    4. Dog Training Consultant, Society for Abandoned Animals Ltd., Hong Kong 2008 -
    5. Founder, Dog Behavior Training Center, Hong Kong 2008 -
    6. Dog Training Consultant, SPDA, Shenzhen 2013 -
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